Tokyo Revengers Chapter 243 Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers, written by Ken Wakui, is an intriguing thriller involving motorcycle gangs and juvenile delinquents. After the anime version of Tokyo Revengers aired last year, the popularity of the manga increased even more. The anime introduced fans to a unique narrative with twists every few episodes, as well as a wide variety of characters. So it’s no surprise that the last episode of the anime ends on a huge cliffhanger.

Interestingly, this made people switch to the manga series to get their answers as fast as they wanted. Since the manga series is far ahead of the anime series, and the manga series is in its last act, the mangaka will wrap up the plot very soon, it is recommended to read the manga first.

For now, though, fans are interested to see how this week’s episode will move the plot forward. The previous chapter described Takemichi’s first meeting with his group, during which he addressed them. Once known for being a shy and clingy boy, Takemichi showed confidence and pride when addressing his bandmates. Everyone was already sure they were on the right track, but Takemichi’s speech gives them even more confidence that they will beat Mikey.

Release date or Tokyo Avengers Chapter 243

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 243 will release on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, as scheduled.

If you are in Japan, you can read the next chapter of the manga by picking up the next issue of Kodansha’s monthly magazine, which will be released soon. Meanwhile, international fans can purchase the Tokyo Revengers volumes directly from the publisher’s official website.

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Tokyo Avengers Chapter 243 Spoilers

Some sources have confirmed that the next chapter of Tokyo Revengers will mark the beginning of the conflict between Takemichi and Mikey. Takemichi’s speech to his teammates was the topic of the previous chapter. Chapter 243, on the other hand, will show us the highly anticipated reunion of the Kantou Manji Gang. Mikey’s group expands after his victory in the last battle. The impending showdown against the “Second Generation Tokyo Manji” will give them another reason to celebrate.

Mikey finds out that Takemichi is the leader of the Tokyo Revengers gang, but shows no signs of excitement at his discovery. Takemichi is the target of his attention, so he gathers the entire gang and goes to the battlefield on September 9. As D-Day approaches, Takemichi bids Hina farewell confesses his apprehension, and sets out to bring Mikey’s group to justice.

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