Fans have been debating which battle Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Spoiler will focus on, and today’s revealers have given us the answer.

According to a rough scan and reveal provided by the Twitter account Tokyo Revenji @tokyorevenji, Wakui appears to have split focus between Mitsuya and Chifuyu. and Senju’s respective battles.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Spoiler makes no mention of Mikey, Takemichi, or Inupi. The official chapter will be published on April 13.

Mitsyua and Hakkai separate Haitani brothers

In the Final Chapter, Inui and Koko are interrupted by Wakasa, who claims Inui as his rival. Senju stumbles across Haruchiyo, who challenges her to a duel, armed with a steel pipe.

It is revealed that Mitsuya met the Haitani brothers when he was 13 years old and used to idolize them. Currently, he and Hakkai prepare to fight them even while surrounded by the Kanto members.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Raw

Hakkai takes Rindou Haitani to another location on the battlefield to give Ran and Mitsuya a chance to fight one on one. The jury revealed that Hakkai may have defeated Rindou on his own.

Ran And Mitsuya fight each other. He tells Ran to get up but is unable to do so anymore.

Elsewhere, Chifuyu and Mochizuki were still fighting. Although Mochizuki was much larger physically, Chifuyu’s unrelenting perseverance helped him overpower the larger man.

Mochi is surprised to learn that he is losing to vice president Toman, but Chifuyu tells him that it is because he has always been someone greater than Mochizuki.

Tokyo Revengers 249 then switches to a duel between Senju Kawaragi and Haruchiyo Sanju. Senju was clearly beaten, his head bleeding and his face bruised.


Tokyo Revengers chap 249 Spoiler: Chifuyu and Mitsuya are overwhelming

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 Spoiler

Many fans became worried about Mitsuya’s fate because Ran’s smile looked like he had something planned. However, others believe that the two can become close friends after enjoying a fun fight. If Hakkai really defeated Rindou, that means Toman has the edge right now.

Chifuyu has always been a great fighter, so his defeat of Mochizuki shouldn’t be a shock. Although the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 reveal has not explicitly stated that Chifuyu has won the fight, it is unlikely that he will lose after this point.

Also, Senju wants to save her brother, and so she has to subconsciously restrain herself. Haruchiyo is unafraid and looks almost like he wants to hurt his sister.

The rough scan of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 249 shows no sign of a fight between Wakasa and Inui, nor a fight between Atsushi and Madarame. Takemichi and Mikey are not seen in the last two chapters, and nothing and who Hanma is fighting has been revealed. Hopefully, the official translation will clarify some of these points. twitter.