Top 10 Dad Characters in Anime

Top 10 Dad Characters in Anime

“Get ready as we venture into the realm of degeneracy as we search for the best dad characters in anime. In case you have lingering doubts about the meaning of the word ‘dad,’ go look up Speedwagon in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, or a quick Google search is another option to discover the connotations of the word ‘dad.’

Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s start listing the top 10 dad characters in anime. For professional purposes, this article will remain safe for work.

Top 10 Dad Characters in Anime

To avoid listing all the characters from Jujutsu Kaisen or One Piece, this list will mention only one character from an anime title. Without further ado, let’s get ready (or get on our knees) for the top 10 dad characters in anime.

10. Shigure Soma – Fruits Basket

We’re only talking about Shigure because he’s fictional; remember to always stay away from men like him. Now that you’ve been warned, let’s talk about Shigure. From day one, Shigure emitted evil vibes that he masked with jokes. On the surface, he was an evil, strangely twisted mastermind, but beneath it all, he was just jealous and brutally in love with a woman.

Moreover, he was extremely sexy and enticing in an intriguing way. His manipulative ways were also strangely attractive, and his choice of clothing just made it harder to deny his allure.

9. Shoei Barou – Blue Lock

Barou, a few years older, would fit the mold of the perfect dad. Throughout the series, Barou remained steadfast and honest in his character traits. But not stubbornly or annoyingly so; he gives new things a chance (as he recently did in the manga), but the moment he realizes it doesn’t benefit his path to his goal, he quickly returns to his initial ways.

His strong personality that makes him a king is also what makes him a true dad. He has the potential to lead you and never backs down. Despite his chaotic energy on the field, he’s someone who loves to clean up and stay organized, earning him a thousand extra points.

8. Jotaro Kujo – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Prepare to swoon over JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s poster boy. Jotaro’s toughness and coolness are well-known, but he’s also kind beyond all that. He may chase females and be a bit rude to them, but he’s also tall and handsome. We can’t simply not mention that he’s also academically smart.

Anyone who doesn’t understand why Jotaro is here should receive an ora-ora with all the reasons. And if we were to count Star Platinum and The World with Jotaro… No, we shouldn’t because the world isn’t ready for that celestial combo.

7. Charlotte Katakuri – One Piece

If anyone had doubts about Katakuri being a dad, they were dispelled as soon as he ate doughnuts. He didn’t deserve to be bullied for his love of doughnuts and his mouth. As if his towering presence with his magnificent mochi drip wasn’t enough, he had to be kind and helpful to make matters worse (for our hearts).

His caring nature, reflected in his protective attitude toward his younger siblings, is more than endearing. What an adorable (and potentially domineering) soul!

6. Osamu Dazai – Bungo Stray Dogs

The mysterious air, voice acting, and intricate details of his character are the main reasons why Dazai is the best dad. He’s annoying but endearing. If he lacks something, his physical appearance will likely compensate for it. Moreover, he’s a well-written character who defines tragedy and the gray area.

The more you get to know him, the harder it becomes not to get attached to him. Even though he’s foolish, he can lead and never lacks charisma.

5. Sosuke Aizen – Bleach

As they say, the crazier, the better. It’s bewildering how the seemingly good Aizen and Aizen himself are equally attractive. Even though he’s twisted and the god complex is a clear sign to stay away from him, how do you do that with ‘The Sosuke Aizen’?

It’s impossible for a man to be as cunning, delirious, problematic, and as sexy as Aizen and ace the dad material in one go. He probably planned to be one from the beginning.

4. Hatake Kakashi – Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto is a good man for covering Kakashi’s face with the mask because a Kakashi without a mask equals death. To be honest, though, masked Kakashi is no less. The sadness from his past is still visible in his kind smiles. His transformation from a stubborn teenager to a responsible adult is simply impressive.

Always ahead despite all the losses and setbacks, Kakashi also provided guidance to Young Team 7. Besides being a great man, he also took off his mask in a filler episode, which brings us back to square one, unmasked Kakashi is our demise.

3. Uzui Tengen – Demon Slayer

Raise your hand if you wanted to be one of Tengen’s wives when he was first introduced. When he made his debut in the Entertainment District Arc, his disdain for everything made him seem like a superficial character, albeit a beautiful and entertaining one. From disdain to caring and the desperation to save everyone, including his subordinates and wives, Uzui Tengen redefined himself beyond being the most delicious eye candy.

In just a few episodes, he completed a character arc displaying a variety of emotions and playing the roles of a great husband and a reliable Hashira. If Uzui Tengen doesn’t define ‘dad,’ then Demon Slayer isn’t popular, and the sun rises in the west every day.

2. Erwin Smith – Attack on Titan

Have you finished screaming after reading Erwin’s name? If so, let’s list everything that makes him as good as he is or was (starts ugly crying). First of all, defeating the Little King and the perfect Captain Levi to make it on this list is a massive achievement. Standing tall and strong when everyone is losing their heads, bearing the weight of sins and responsibilities while finding a bit of space for your wishes, Erwin did it all.

Going back to his appearance after all that is a bit disrespectful, but it’s Erwin, so he’d probably see through our good intentions and let it slide. So, considering his appearance, he has beautiful eyes with a sharp gaze amplified by his dignified stature. Does all of this sound very dad-like?

1. Nanami Kento – Jujutsu Kaisen

Nanami ties his tie around his hand, rolls up his sleeves, and ultimately becomes the ultimate dad of all dad characters. We need to impose some limits here, or else Nanami will kill us all with his beauty. Apart from his sunken cheeks and his beautiful leopard-printed golden tie, he’s a quiet gentleman. He balances out Gojo’s crazy and quirky side. His hatred for overtime brings out the best in him during work hours, and his sense of responsibility always manages to shine through.

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