“Top 5 Anticipated Character Demises in Bleach: Thousand Year-Blood War

“Bleach: Thousand Year-Blood War” is the climactic final arc of the Bleach anime, and its epic return after a decade has the fandom buzzing with excitement. This arc is primarily centered around the Soul Reapers and their intense conflict with the Quincy. In the midst of this high-stakes battle, let’s explore the top 5 characters whose impending demise has fans on the edge of their seats.

Top 5 Anticipated Character Demises in Bleach: Thousand Year-Blood War

5-Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, one of the most formidable Soul Reapers and the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13, is often considered one of the series’ most invincible and powerful characters. However, all good things must come to an end, and his fate was sealed after a fierce battle with Yhwach.

Yhwach defeated Yamamoto by stealing his Bankai using his medallion and subsequently used his own sword to end the life of his long-standing adversary. Yamamoto’s death left a deep and far-reaching impact on the Soul Society and the Gotei 13, as he was one of the most revered and feared figures in the Bleach universe.

With Captain Shunsui Kyoraku assuming the role of Captain-Commander, it presented a significant opportunity for him to prove himself as the best Soul Reaper. This also meant the search for a new captain for the 8th Division was on.

4-Jugram Hashwalth

In our list of the top 5 anticipated character demises in Bleach, at number 4, we find the saintly and angelic Quincy – Jugram Hashwalth. Whenever Yhwach was in slumber, Jugram temporarily assumed his responsibilities and became Sternritter A, known as “The Almighty.”

Jugram was unwaveringly loyal to Yhwach, even when Yhwach absorbed all Quincy powers, sparing the less deserving for his personal gain. During Jugram’s battle with Uryu Ishida, Yhwach killed Jugram by triggering Auswählen. It was a tragic end for someone who had displayed such unwavering devotion to his master.

Even in his dying moments, Jugram held no feelings of betrayal toward Yhwach. He considered himself a valuable tool for him and didn’t hesitate to sacrifice his life.

3-Bambietta Basterbine

Bambietta Basterbine belonged to the Sternritter, a formidable faction of Quincy warriors. She possessed the unique ability known as “the explosion,” which allowed her to turn anything she touched into an explosive, granting her formidable destructive powers.

Bambietta clashed with Sajin Komamura, taking his Zanpakuto during their initial encounter. Later in the war, they had a rematch. Bambietta was defeated by Sajin’s formidable humanoid form, allowing Sajin to reclaim his lost Bankai.

Bambietta was among the first Sternritter to meet her demise in the Thousand Year Blood War. Her death hinted at the gruesome powers and cruelty of Giselle, who turned her into a zombie.

2-Captain Jushiro Ukitake

Captain Jushiro Ukitake led the 13th Division within the Gotei 13 and was renowned for his wisdom and compassionate nature. His strength was so remarkable that some believed he was destined to succeed the Soul King.

Ukitake didn’t play a significant role during the Soul Society Arc or the Arrancar Arc, but he had a final plan during the Thousand Year Blood War. His life was saved by a deity and the right arm of the Soul King named Mimihagi, curing him of his prolonged illness.

However, in the end, when Yhwach posed a threat to the Soul King, Ukitake willingly relinquished the life that had been granted to him. His death held immense significance in the manga’s storyline and added to the overall tension that will undoubtedly be depicted in the anime.


In our list of the top 5 anticipated character demises in Bleach, at number 1, we find Yhwach—the Quincy Emperor and central antagonist who possessed the power known as “The Almighty,” which allowed him to see into the future and manipulate destiny.

Yhwach was one step away from creating his immortal world (and you’re just a few steps away from receiving the best Anime newsletter every Monday), but Ichigo wasn’t about to let that happen. In the end, Ichigo and his comrades, including Uryu Ishida, executed a synchronized attack on Yhwach, thwarting his powers and abilities.

Ichigo delivered the final blow, securing his victory against the Quincy King and putting an end to the Thousand Year Blood War.


That concludes our list of the top 5 anticipated character demises in Bleach: Thousand Year-Blood War. What are your thoughts? Share them with us in the comments below.”