When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 5: Will Urushi Open His Heart?

Fans are waiting for some loving moments during this week’s outing. Fans were surprised to learn that Urushi will be heading towards Ayumu for the first time in When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 6.

In the plot so far, Ayumu has been trying very hard to win the game of shogi by telling her about her feelings. But now, things will move quickly as the element of jealousy kicks in. Will Ayumu reveal the truth? Well, anything can happen at the moment. So here’s everything there is to know about your next outing.

Now in the fifth episode, Ayumu will be jealous and perform an act of defiance because of this emotion. It is possible that he will praise Urushi, which will amuse her. Soon they will celebrate the big day that makes both of them uncomfortable. The following subheadings should give you all the answers you’re looking for.

Quick summary!

Earlier in When Ayumu Make His Move Episode 4, Ayumu overreacted after Urushi’s joke didn’t go well, leaving her concussion. She said she felt cold, so he put her in a box. While they were cleaning the club room, Urushi found a DVD player. She asks Ayumu if he has some DVDs. He tries to hide it, causing Urushi to suspect that it might be an adult movie, but is relieved to learn that it is a horror movie. Urushi then agrees to a match with fewer pieces.

It was the perfect chance for Ayumu to defeat her. But before they could start the match, a teacher came and caused a disturbance. Meanwhile, Takeru takes Sakurako home and agrees to spend Christmas together. Ayumu then tells Urushi that he wants to give her a fair fight and wishes her a happy new year. Ayumu was very upset when he couldn’t ask her out. On New Year’s Day, Maki runs into Ayumu, leaving Urushi alone. Soon after, he asked her to spend Christmas with him. Then they got their luck. Urushi reveals that she wants their club to become official, while Ayumu wants to make her wish come true.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 6: What Happens Next?

In this week’s episode, Ayumu and Urushi will go to the shrine together. However, Urushi will be very sad after having bad luck. Noticing this, Ayumu will try to comfort her and reveal that he will have great luck. She worries about her wish, but Ayumu tells her that god will grant her wish. Maki then appears and brings Urushi to let her meet Tanaka Kun, which upsets Ayumu. So without thinking, he calls her beauty, which will amuse her, and then she and Maki will go to the shrine to grant their wish.

Soon time will pass. It will be Valentine’s Day. Urushi will be happy about this and bring chocolate to Ayumu. But before giving it to him, she’ll do some rehearsals. She’ll be prepared to tell him it’s chocolate-friendly. But when Ayumu steps in, things get out of control. He will worry and make Urushi worry too. But despite this, she’ll give him chocolate, and things will get super messy between them.

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 6: Release Date

When Will Ayumu Make His Move Episode 5 titled “Motto Shiritainode,” will air on August 12, 2022. It will be available on Japanese local networks such as BS-TBS and TBS. Meanwhile, international audiences can stream live on Crunchyroll. Ayumu will finally reveal her feelings for Urushi in the upcoming episode. Will she accept it?

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