"10 Anime Like Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation"

“10 Anime Like Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation”

“Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation” is a television anime series that began airing during the winter season of 2021. It is animated by the studio “Studio Bind,” which is a subsidiary of the well-known animation studio “White Fox,” famous for projects like “Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World,” “Goblin Slayer,” and “Steins;Gate.” Studio Bind was specifically created to animate the light novel of this title.

It’s a fantasy anime with a unique concept and premise. The series follows the story of an unemployed old man named Rudeus, who spent 35 years as a shut-in. He is finally kicked out of the house, and after trying to save someone’s life, he dies in an accident. He is then reincarnated into another world as a baby and is named “Rudeus” by his parents in this fantastic world.

Rudeus’ first goal in this new world is redemption, so he starts his life here by honing his skills and trying not to let down his loved ones. He becomes a highly skilled magician at a young age and makes many friends in this world, starting with his neighbor friend “Sylph,” a young elf, “Roxy,” his teacher from a different race, and “Eris,” his fiery-tempered cousin and first student.

Due to an incident, the place where Rudeus lived is destroyed, and everyone present is transported to different parts of the world. Thus begins Rudeus’ life as he ventures into this unknown world in search of his parents and loved ones while protecting Eris through thick and thin. The production quality of this anime is exceptional. The team even developed a new language just for this anime. The world-building, voice acting, animation‚ÄĒeverything in this anime is beautiful. And yes, it contains many Ecchi elements.

Here are 10 anime like Mushoku Tensei that you will definitely enjoy watching. Some follow the same fantasy premise, some involve reincarnation as a baby, and some have wonderful world-building, much like this anime.

1-“Ascendance of a Bookworm”

“Urano” is a young girl who loves reading books and dreams of becoming a librarian so she can read books all the time. Unfortunately, she dies in an accident shortly after being named a librarian. Upon waking up, she finds herself in the body of a young girl named “Myne” in an unfamiliar era. She is immediately frustrated because there are very few books in this world, as there is no printing press, and the only books available are guarded by nobles.

Thus begins the life of our female protagonist, who wants to make books abundant and accessible to everyone in this world, despite her low social status. It has a similar vibe to Mushoku Tensei because both protagonists start learning about books at a young age and are curious about their new world.

  • Number of Episodes: 36 episodes + 1 OVA
  • Personal Rating: 8.80.

2-“The Faraway Paladin”

The anime series “Faraway Paladin” follows the story of a man reincarnated into another world as a baby (much like Mushoku Tensei), although he is not born to his new parents. He is summoned by three spirits who teach him how to live his life in this new world and name him “Will.” Marry, a female mummy spirit, teaches Will about religion and basic etiquette; Blood, a male skeleton spirit, teaches him how to fight and defend himself; and finally, Gus, an old ghost, teaches him sorcery.

They raise him in a cave away from humanity, and one day, when Will is mature enough, he must leave them and lead a normal human life, separated from these deceased spirits. So, will “Will” ever leave them and continue their teachings? This anime follows a beautiful story and also has some good character development.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 8.00.

3-“The Sage’s Grandson”

The story follows a normal salaryman who reincarnates as a baby (just like Mushoku Tensei) in another fantastic world after dying in the real world. He is found in a crashed carriage in the woods by “Merlin,” an old wizard, and taken care of. Merlin names this child “Shin.”

Shin stays with him until he is a teenager in the woods and calls Merlin “Grandpa.” As a teenager, Merlin decides to send him to town for higher education. Thus begins Shin’s life, where he will meet new people his age for the first time and experience new emotions with them.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 8.20.

4-“Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms”

“Maquia” is a young girl who belongs to a race that lives for hundreds of years, spending her life weaving clothes and staying away from humanity. She feels especially lonely because there’s nothing to do in this place other than crafting clothes. One day, a neighboring kingdom invades the island and wants to kidnap a young girl who will marry their king and give birth to offspring with a long lifespan. Amid all this chaos, Maquia is unexpectedly caught and taken to the kingdom.

There, she meets a baby who is separated from his parents (as they have died), and now Maquia wants to care for this baby. It’s a coming-of-age anime, much like Mushoku Tensei, and it deals with real issues related to adopted children and their relationship with their parents. One of the issues is that the baby grows up and starts to see Maquia as a woman because she remains young due to her race’s traits, which creates problems.

  • Number of Episodes: 1 film
  • Personal Rating: 9.00.

5-“To Your Eternity”

It follows the premise of an orb that enters the Earth (similar to the premise of Mushoku Tensei where a man reincarnates into a new world, with Earth being a new world for the orb) and copies whatever is nearby.

It first copies a speck of moss, then a stone, then a weak polar bear that is with its owner, and finally, a boy who is waiting for his loved ones in the middle of a cold country. The polar bear copies its owner after he dies from the cold, and now it seeks more people like him and learns to be human and a good soul. This series also offers impressive world-building like Mushoku Tensei, and the main character (the Orb) explores the Earth, an unknown world, much like Rudeus.

  • Number of Episodes: 20 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 9.50.

6-“The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat”

This anime series features a protagonist who also reincarnates as a baby in the new fantasy world, much like Mushoku Tensei. It follows the story of the world’s finest assassin who is betrayed by his agency and killed in a plane crash, only to be reincarnated by a goddess in a fantasy world, into the home of aristocrats.

The only goal the Goddess gives him is to kill the Hero of this world. So, he reincarnates as a boy in this new world and begins preparing to kill the Hero.

Soon, he discovers that his family has a history of assassins,and now, his job becomes easier because he has already been an assassin. Thus begins the life of our assassin protagonist, planning to kill the Hero in this new world by assembling a new crew. This anime is also a unique fantasy anime with animation and a premise with a distinctly unique twist. And its opening song is a banger. And yes, both of these anime have a main character with a harem of different girls!

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 8.00.

7-“Spirit Chronicles”

This anime follows the story of “Haruto,” a high school student killed in a car accident. He is reincarnated as a young boy in another fantastic world. Haruto retains some of his memories from the previous world, knows who he is in this new world, and knows that his name here is “Rio.” He reincarnates in a scenario where he is present with bandits who killed his mother, and they have a hostage with them.

So, as soon as he regains consciousness, he remembers that these bandits killed his mother, and now, he is destined to kill them. Haruto does exactly that and saves the hostage, who turns out to be a princess. After some complications with the royal guard, he is admitted to the royal academy. But things don’t go as planned because he’s just a random commoner, so noble family students create complications for him.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 7.90.

8-“Parallel World Pharmacy”

“Kanji” is a renowned global medical researcher studying a disease that recently killed his sister. He is researching so desperately that he doesn’t even sleep, so he dies of overwork and lack of sleep.

After his death, he reincarnates as a young boy named “Farma” in a fantastic world. His family consists of nobles and pharmacists. After exploring the world for a while, he realizes that he has more power than normal and can create any chemical or compound as long as he knows its formula.

When his relatives observe him, they dub him “the reincarnation of the Health God.” Farma now has only one goal, to cure all the diseases he witnesses in people here so that they don’t suffer the same fate as his sister in his previous world. This anime has a pretty good take on the fantasy pharmacy genre and is quite enjoyable.

  • Number of Episodes: 12 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 8.70.

9-“The Misfit of Demon King Academy”

“The Misfit of Demon King Academy” would be similar to Mushoku Tensei, only if Rudeus were as overpowered as the protagonist of this anime. It follows the story of “Anos,” who is a demon lord and reincarnates as a baby (just like Mushoku Tensei), but he starts speaking immediately.

At the age of two months, he starts attending high school, where he is even stronger than his teachers and seniors. His goal is to reunite with the Hero who was reincarnated with him. The anime has the same comedy and fantasy setting as Mushoku Tensei, and both series showcase a protagonist who becomes overpowered later in the series.

  • Number of Episodes: 13 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 8.30.

10-“Full-Time Magister”

A Chinese Donghua (anime) that follows the story of “Mo Fan,” an average teenager who reincarnates into a world where science is replaced by magic. Just like in his previous life, Mo has a poor father, and now he also has a handicapped younger sister. Mo’s goal in this life is the same as in his previous world: to achieve a reputation so great that his father would be proud of him.

Although he is weak in magic, Mo is accepted into a prestigious magic academy, but as soon as his tough life is known, others mock him. But he excels greatly in magic, and later, we see how our protagonist tries to make a name for himself. Similar to Mushoku Tensei, the protagonists seek redemption in this new world, and they also become quite powerful.

  • Number of Episodes: 60 episodes
  • Personal Rating: 8.60.

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