One Piece: luffy gear 5 Dawn Gatling, Explained

One Piece: luffy gear 5 Dawn Gatling, Explained

Luffy unleashed his powerful attack, Dawn Gatling, against Saturn in One Piece.

Luffy is currently an incredibly powerful pirate in the New World and one of the Sea Emperors. After defeating Kaido, he reached a whole new level of strength, earning himself a bounty of 3 billion berries. Luffy accomplished this great feat by awakening his Devil Fruit and acquiring the power of Gear 5.

As fans already know, luffy gear 5 is the most powerful ability Luffy has up his sleeve, and it significantly boosts him, incredibly increasing his attack power at the same time. Although luffy gear 5 has not yet made its way into the story, fans have already been able to witness some of the most incredible battles with Luffy using this power.

Most recently, he used this power in his battle against Saint Saturn of the Five Elders, and he demonstrated an entirely new technique, called Dawn Gatling.

What is Dawn Gatling?

Dawn Gatling is a powerful technique that Luffy used in his battle against Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Five Elders. This technique was used by Luffy shortly after entering Gear 5. The first thing Luffy did when he entered Gear 5 was to hit Kizaru and knock him out of his way. As soon as he did that, Bonney was able to witness Gear 5 for the first time and established the link between Luffy and Nika. Bonney then told Luffy that she had been waiting for him all this time, to which Luffy replied by saying that he had been by her side all this time.

At the same time, Bonney asked for Luffy’s help to destroy Saturn and repay him for injuring Vegapunk. Luffy agreed to this request and not only repaid Saturn for what he did to Vegapunk but also demonstrated the powers of his Devil Fruit to Bonney, who also has the ability to use rubber powers. It was precisely at this moment that fans saw Gomu Gomu no Dawn Gatling for the very first time.

Essentially, this technique allows Luffy to use the inflation powers of Gear 5. Luffy wraps his fists in a way to gain momentum, and once that is done, he coats his arms with armament color and launches a powerful Gatling on his enemies.

Since Luffy is in Gear 5, he doesn’t need to pump air into his fists to inflate them. He can simply do it without inflation and control the rubber as he wishes. As such, Luffy can easily launch a Gatling at high speed and inflate it at the very last moment, causing significant damage to his enemies. This is precisely what he did to Saturn, and the power was such that he was carried from the center of Egghead to the edge.

The strength of Dawn Gatling

Dawn Gatling is a very powerful technique that Luffy used to crush Saturn. It uses the power of inflation, meaning Luffy uses the strength of a giant to crush his enemies here. It is also possible that Dawn Gatling also considers the use of Gear Four-style abilities. Usually, in Gear 4, Luffy inflates his muscles, while in Gear Third, he inflates his bones.

This is the main difference between these two Gears. Looking at Dawn Gatling, it seems that it considers the use of Gear Third-style powers mainly, however, on a much larger scale. Yet, it is possible that muscle inflation is also at work here, although this cannot be said for sure.

Whatever the case, this technique is very powerful, as it managed to completely blow up Saint Saturn, one of the Five Elders. It should be remembered that Saturn himself is an incredibly powerful individual, and his Devil Fruit ability is simply fascinating.

Saturn’s strength is also quite high, as he was able to injure Luffy simply by looking at him, making him spit blood in the process. This indicates that Saturn himself is very powerful. The fact that Dawn Gatling was enough to carry him to the edge of the island suggests that this is clearly a very powerful technique. It certainly fractured a few of his skull bones and made him spit blood.

However, this technique was not strong enough to knock him down, as he got up and healed from his injuries, as if he hadn’t even been injured in the first place.

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Where does Dawn Gatling rank among Luffy’s most powerful techniques?

When ranking Dawn Gatling among Luffy’s most powerful techniques, it certainly ranks among the best, however, a proper ranking requires dissecting what Luffy can and cannot do. First and foremost, the highest levels of Luffy’s attacks must be attributed. The highest level would include attacks used in Gear 5 and powered by both armament and Conqueror’s Haki. This would include attacks such as Bajrang Gun and White Star Gun.

Next come the attacks that, while very strong, are not infused with the color of the supreme king. This would include, among others, Dawn Gatling, Mogura Pistol, Dawn Whip, or Dawn Stamp. Then there are the techniques that Luffy uses with his Gear Fourth, infused with Conqueror’s and Armament Haki.

Given that Luffy was able to inflict much more damage to Kaido in Gear 5 even without using Conqueror’s Haki, it can be assumed that this form is far superior to Gear 4 with Haki. At the same time, Luffy used the power of Dawn Whip on Lucci, and this technique was so powerful that it almost knocked out the CP0 member, who, it should be remembered, is currently fighting Zoro on equal footing even though he is a user of the King of Hell Three Sword style.

Dawn Gatling is certainly much, much stronger than Dawn Whip, which implies that it is one of Luffy’s most powerful attacks, capable of taking down a much stronger enemy than even a first commander of a Yonko with a single blow.

This would make it the third most powerful attack of Luffy in Gear 5, behind Bajrang Gun and White Star Gun. Without a doubt, Dawn Gatling is a very powerful technique and one that Luffy will most likely use often in the series, especially since Gatling attacks are one of his signature techniques.

At the same time, it must be remembered that Saturn tanking such a powerful attack is very impressive, even though a simple Dawn Whip was able to almost knock out Lucci. Meanwhile, Saturn was able to take the brunt of this attack and get up as if he hadn’t even been touched. In short, being able to take this attack head-on and get up as if nothing happened once again shows that Saturn is on the same level as the elites of the One Piece world, if not more.

One Piece is available for reading via Viz Media. The series can be read by fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1108, is set for February 25, 2024.