My Hero Academia 414

My Hero Academia 414 Suddenly on Pause This Week

The table of contents for the 11th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump is out, and there’s a missing chapter for My Hero Academia 414 as author Kohei Horishiki decided to take a sudden break this week. The reason for this hiatus is not yet known, but speculation suggests it could be related to the author’s health issue.

Horishiki Sensei has taken such sudden breaks before, and we hope he’ll soon recover from whatever he’s facing this time around. The next chapter of My Hero Academia will be out next week as scheduled in the 12th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga is in its final phase, and we’ll soon witness more action between Deku and Shigaraki, but we just have to wait a bit longer.

Release Date of My Hero Academia 414

My Hero Academia 414 was on a scheduled hiatus last week, but this week, there’s a sudden pause, and this hiatus extends the release of MHA 414 by two weeks. Now, My Hero Academia 414 will be out in the next issue [12th issue] of Weekly Shonen Jump on Sunday, February 18, 2024, on Viz and MangaPlus. Spoilers and raw scans will be released at the usual release time (next Thursday, February 15).

Last time we saw Star in the Vestige world, she was pointing at something, which gave All Might an idea. She showed a sad child visible through a crack, which was very unusual. This vision of Star and Stripes also puzzled Shigaraki, as he couldn’t make sense of it. Kudou tried to explain all this to Deku, but Deku couldn’t understand either.

Then Deku was knocked to the ground by Shigaraki, but he focused on what Kudou had said and asked him to explain again. Kudou then explained in a simpler way that the lead piece inside Shigaraki represented all his anger, frustration, and past memories. Kudou said it wasn’t possible to defeat Shigaraki from the outside as he was too strong to be handled by Deku, and they had to defeat him from within.

He then explained that if Deku passed on One for All to Shigaraki, the size of the crack would increase, but it could also go wrong as it could work in the opposite direction. Passing One for All to Shigaraki could make him stronger and he would then be unstoppable, so the situation is a bit risky. Kudou then stated that the power of One for All could be transferred in multiple parts and he would be the first to do it.

Then he said his quirk wasn’t that useful in this fight and that following that logic, he should be the one to start. They also considered Shigaraki using Gearshift because if he did it again, it would be over for them. Kudou then explained that Shigaraki couldn’t use Gearshift anymore as it would tire him out, then said they had to trust Deku sometimes, and told Deku he was ready for the transfer. Deku nodded, and then we saw a huge wave of black whips tear off Shigaraki’s arm. These black whips covered Deku’s body. The battle will continue in My Hero Academia 414.