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[One Week Off] One Piece 1107 Raw Scans, Spoilers, and New Release Date

The arrival of the Giant Warrior Pirates at Egghead Island sets the stage for dramatic developments in One Piece 1107, as they aid the Straw Hat Pirates in their escape. However, fans will have to wait another week to see how Saint Saturn and the Marines respond to this unexpected turn of events.

In the previous chapter, Vegapunk expressed concern for Bonney’s safety, fearing she might face retaliation from a Pacifista after assuming the guise of a pirate. Taking decisive action, Vegapunk implanted a secret program in all Pacifistas modeled after Kuma. Revealing Bonney’s unparalleled authority over the Pacifistas, surpassing even the Five Elders, Vegapunk reassured her that her father would protect her no matter the odds.

Seeking assistance from the Pacifistas to flee the island, Bonney incites a rebellion as they turn against the Marines, prompting a confrontation. Saint Saturn, realizing the gravity of the situation, strikes Vegapunk and orders Kizaru to eliminate them all. In the ensuing chaos, Sanji and Franky engage Kizaru in battle, sustaining injuries.

As Kizaru targets Bonney for elimination, Luffy intervenes, unveiling his Gear 5 form to thwart Kizaru’s advances. Meanwhile, Bonney rushes to Vegapunk’s side, where he reveals Luffy’s true identity as the Sun God Nika. Tears welling in her eyes, Bonney witnesses Luffy’s ascension, as the heavens themselves seem to acknowledge his divinity.

The Marines receive reports of a massive ship approaching Egghead Island, rumored to belong to the long-dissolved Giant Warrior Pirates, led by Dorry and Brogy. With their arrival, the chapter concludes with the declaration of their allegiance to the Straw Hat crew.

New Release Date for One Piece Chapter 1107

One Piece manga takes a brief hiatus this week, a customary break often utilized by author Eiichiro Oda to refine the storyline, ensuring a more captivating narrative. One Piece 1107 will resume next week, with spoilers for the upcoming chapter expected to surface in a few days [on February 15th].

  • New Release Date for One Piece 1107: February 18, 2024
  • Release of One Piece 1107 Raw Scans and Spoilers: February 15, 2024

One Piece 1107 Raw Scans

The raw scans and leaks for One Piece 1107 will be available on the usual release date, February 15, 2024. Stay tuned for our comprehensive coverage of the chapter next week, including all spoilers and raw scans. In the meantime, enjoy other articles from Weekly Shonen Jump on our website.

Spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1107

Spoilers for One Piece 1107 will accompany the raw scans on February 15, 2024. While the extended hiatus may test fans’ patience, rest assured that Oda is crafting something extraordinary, and we anticipate an exceptional chapter. Stay tuned for our immediate coverage upon release, featuring all spoilers and raw scans.

Where to Read One Piece 1107?

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  • Viz Media Website
  • Manga Plus Official Website and App

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