One Piece: This theory would explain most of the mysteries that still hover over the islands!

One Piece: This theory would explain most of the mysteries that still hover over the islands!

Is it conceivable that a unified theory could untangle the multitude of mysteries shrouding the world of One Piece? This intriguing possibility extends to enigmas encompassing Devil Fruits, the enigmatic Lunarians, and the concealed secrets of the Forgotten Century. Delve into this theory below!

The notion of a singular theory capable of elucidating every enigma in the One Piece universe may appear audacious, even bordering on the ideal. Nevertheless, it’s a challenge that numerous experts and content creators have dared to tackle.

As the manga ventures into its ultimate saga, the conclusion of One Piece still feels distant, considering the plethora of unresolved plotlines. In fact, the mystique surrounding numerous extant mysteries has only grown more profound. Nonetheless, the answers to many of these grand enigmas might be entwined with a straightforward explanation hidden in plain view.

The Role of Planet Uranus

Devoted fans have long recognized that the world of One Piece diverges significantly from our own. Yet, it curiously shares a resemblance with another celestial body within our solar system: Uranus. Strikingly, Uranus also happens to be the name of one of the three enigmatic Ancient Weapons.

While this connection may seem improbable, an exhaustive analysis of the parallels and divergences between these two celestial bodies, taking into account the insights shared by Eiichiro Oda regarding the captivating realm of One Piece, could potentially serve as the linchpin connecting several of the series’ most elusive enigmas.

The World of One Piece: A Resemblance to Uranus?

The world depicted in One Piece appears to draw substantial inspiration from Uranus. It exhibits a similar azure hue and features a crimson ring (formed by planetary rings) that bears a striking resemblance to the Grand Line. Furthermore, Uranus holds the distinction of being the sole planet in our solar system that undergoes axial rotation on its side.

If the world in One Piece similarly experienced a past axial tilt, then Toki’s enigmatic prophecy regarding the arrival of dawn twenty years hence, coupled with her decision to dispatch the Akazaya samurai precisely two decades into the future, could take on a fresh significance—especially considering Toki’s roots in the Forgotten Century.

Profound Climatic Shifts

Such an axial tilt, coupled with a unique orbital path akin to Uranus, might have subjected the world in One Piece to extreme climatic conditions, leaving only a slender habitable strip of land. In these circumstances, early inhabitants, such as the enigmatic Lunarians, would have had to adapt to extreme temperature fluctuations. Consequently, they might have developed their renowned invulnerability to withstand the harsh climatic extremities.

Devil Fruits and the Eternal Flame: Instruments of Survival

The Egghead Island arc unveiled pivotal insights into the Great Kingdom, casting a new light on the perception of the Forgotten Century.

The colossal Iron Giant on Egghead Island divulged that the Great Kingdom was a technologically advanced nation, possessing an extraordinarily potent energy source dubbed the Eternal Flame. Much like the Lunarians, this ancient Kingdom could have devised both the Eternal Flame and the enigmatic Devil Fruits to endure the brutal conditions stemming from the peculiar orbit of their world.

Unraveling the Mystery of Submerged Islands

The distinctive axial tilt of the planet would have precipitated fluctuations in sea levels with each changing season. For instance, the towering walls encircling the Land of Wano and the submerged ancient land concealing Pluto might have been erected as countermeasures against recurring floods.

A Resolution or Merely Another Hypothesis?

The notion of an axial shift indisputably ranks among the most captivating theories within the realm of One Piece. Yet, hitherto, no one has discerned the resemblances between the planet that serves as the backdrop for the series and Uranus.

Eiichiro Oda has previously drawn inspiration from the planets of our solar system for naming the Five Elders. However, Oda and his magnum opus have cultivated a reputation for subverting fan expectations. Only time will unveil whether the geography of One Piece indeed holds the key to interlinking all of its mysteries.