Top 5 of the Coolest Fire Force Episodes

Top 5 of the Coolest Fire Force Episodes

If Fire is your favorite element, Fire Force is undoubtedly on your list of favorite anime. The show revolves around the phenomenon of combustion, where humans are transformed into pyro-creatures known as Infernals. The Special Fire Force is tasked with managing this calamity and finding a solution. With such a cool premise, the show is destined to be even cooler. Here are the top 5 coolest episodes of Fire Force.

Top 5 Coolest Fire Force Episodes

5-The Damsel in Distress

Season 1, Episode 8

As the 8th Company attempts to unravel the mystery behind Spontaneous Human Combustion, they receive a clue suggesting that the 1st Company might be behind the creation of artificial Infernals. While investigating the case, Shinra discovers that the 1st Company’s lieutenant, Rekka Hoshi, injected young children with insects that transform them into Infernals.

This episode made a significant statement of its own. Tamaki’s distress call and Shinra’s stealthy entrance sent shivers down our spines. The episode maintained a serious and mysterious tone throughout, making the buildup to the showdown between Shinra and Rekka all the more satisfying. It was a perfect blend of action and drama.

4-Mightiest Rises to the Occasion

Season 1, Episode 14

The 8th Company travels to Asakusa, the district under the jurisdiction of the 7th Company, to investigate the Evangelists. Even though their investigation yields no leads in Asakusa, their journey proves worthwhile. Working behind the scenes, the White Clad prepares to attack Asakusa. Amidst the chaos caused by the Knights of the Ashen Flame, the bond between the two companies grows stronger.

The episode finally allowed Benimaru to join the fray. Watching the most powerful firefighter in action was a visual delight. As Benimaru traverses the district while battling Infernals, a sense of calm and awe washes over the viewers. Unstoppable in his might, he singlehandedly thwarts the plans of the Knights of the Ashen Flame.

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3-Infernal Training

Season 2, Episode 24

Following the electrifying intensity of a fire scene, Shinra and Arthur undergo training under the guidance of Benimaru. Subjected to a proto-nationalistic initiation, the Knights of the Ashen Flame target the Captain of the 3rd Company. The Captain’s demise compels all the companies to unite and prepare for the impending war against the Evangelists.

If protecting Asakusa was a teaser of Benimaru’s power, this episode was the full-fledged feature film. From start to finish, it upheld its title as the mightiest. Shinra and Arthur experienced significant growth over these two seasons, possessing strength that easily rivals that of the Adolla Link. Yet, even with such power, they were powerless before Benimaru, who had no connection to Adolla. The episode also served as an ideal way to conclude the Stigma Arc and tease the upcoming war.

2-Reunion with an Old Friend

Season 1, Episode 13

As Joker and Benimaru burst into the Holy Sol Temple to investigate the Scriptures, they encounter Captain Burns. Preparing for a battle, Burns surprisingly lends them a helping hand by offering insights he gained during his personal investigation. Konro shares the leads they’ve received, allowing the 8th Company to determine its next course of action.

The reunion of Burns and Joker provided a glimpse into their past and added depth to their characters. The scene where they are transported to another world and encounter the Evangelist is so beautifully animated that it stands out as the most aesthetic scene in the entire anime.

1-A Sibling Showdown

Season 1, Episode 22

Finally reuniting with his brother, Shinra doesn’t receive a warm embrace but rather a thrashing from Sho. Positioned on opposite sides of their world, both brothers harbor different ambitions. Sho, aligned with the Evangelists, uses his Adolla Burst to freeze time and overpower his brother. Shinra keeps getting back up to fight his brother, eventually using Adolla Burst unconsciously.

This episode is where Season 1 reached its pinnacle. The fact that Shinra continuously forgives his brother despite being beaten to a pulp showcased what a great older brother he is and how far he’d go for Sho. If the emotional dialogues and scenes weren’t enough, the battle between Shinra and Sho was on a whole different level. Time froze, then rewound, as the two brothers broke the rules of time to reach each other—an exquisite demonstration of an unbreakable bond.


Fire Force delivers some of the most thrilling battles in Shonen history. While it may not be as talked about as some other major Shonens, it undoubtedly deserves its fair share of respect and admiration. This list only scratches the surface of the series’ fantastic quality. Feel free to comment below if you agree or think another episode should have made the list.