Read My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Spoilers: A Glimpse into the Future

Read My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Spoilers: A Glimpse into the Future

The My Hero Academia universe is a realm where the majority of the human population possesses extraordinary abilities known as “Quirks.” The story centers around Izuku Midoriya’s relentless pursuit to become the world’s top hero, pitting him against formidable adversaries like Tomura Shigaraki and All For One. As the world awaits the next chapter, here’s a preview of what to expect.

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 Release Date and Timing

The My Hero Academia Chapter 404 is slated for release in the United States on Sunday, October 22, 2023. After Chapter 403, which was published on October 15, the series took a brief hiatus.

The Anticipated Chapter

My Hero Academia Chapter 404 is highly anticipated by fans, and for good reason. The Final Saga of the series has been delivering exceptional content, with the last chapter leaving a lasting impact.

In the previous chapter, readers were treated to an exploration of All Might’s incredible life, and the return of a character that took fans by surprise. The battle against All For One is back on, and fans are eager to see how the story unfolds, starting with Chapter 404.

Bakugo’s Return

Chapter 404 is expected to focus significantly on Bakugo, who made his return in the previous chapter. His reemergence followed a fierce battle with Shigaraki, where he sustained a severe injury. Bakugo’s life was in jeopardy, but he was fortunate to receive assistance from Best Jeanist and Edgeshot, who saved him from a gruesome fate.

Fans were relieved by Bakugo’s survival but believed he would remain on the sidelines for an extended period. However, Chapter 403 marked his return, and readers are eager to witness his role in the upcoming chapter. Bakugo’s admiration for All Might is well-known, and his character development has been substantial. His return promises to be a pivotal moment in the story, as he steps up to save All Might.

Bakugo’s Stand

Chapter 404 is likely to depict Bakugo launching an attack on All For One. This may not occur immediately, as his character has just awoken from his injuries. It’s expected that the chapter will explore his relationship with All Might before he embarks on his mission to save him. Bakugo’s dedication to becoming a hero has been fueled by his admiration for All Might. While victory has always been his primary focus, his character growth has led him to embrace the importance of saving others. The chapter offers an opportunity to delve into Bakugo’s thoughts and motivations as he moves to rescue All Might.

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Readers can anticipate Bakugo taking a resolute stand and making an attempt to save All Might promptly, as the latter’s condition is critical. An intense battle with All For One is on the horizon, and Bakugo is expected to play a central role in weakening the formidable antagonist. All For One’s vulnerability following an intense attack could lead to his regression into a toddler-like state, signifying a turning point in the story.

All Might’s Redemption

Chapter 404 is likely to feature Bakugo’s heroic rescue of All Might. Once Bakugo has saved him, the story can progress to the next phase, focusing on the confrontation with All For One. Readers can anticipate the paralysis inflicted on All Might by the Bloodcurdle Quirk to be temporary, with the duration determined by the type of blood ingested. This paralysis is expected to be short-lived, allowing All Might to break free.

The chapter could witness All Might teaming up with Bakugo in a collaborative effort to deliver a powerful blow to All For One. This attack could inflict significant damage on the antagonist, potentially reducing him to a toddler-like state and marking the beginning of his downfall. Bakugo is likely to take a leading role, as All Might’s strength is waning, and the two characters are expected to work together to deal a devastating blow to All For One.

The Inevitable Conclusion

Chapter 404 is poised to usher in the end of All For One‘s reign of terror. Despite his immense power, he is destined to fall, paving the way for the final confrontation between Deku and Shigaraki. With All Might and Bakugo having fulfilled their roles, they may step aside and entrust the future to Deku.

For Bakugo, Chapter 404 holds particular significance. He has carried the burden of being the catalyst for All Might’s decline, and now he has the opportunity to redeem himself in a grand fashion. By saving the former number one hero and confronting his greatest adversary, Bakugo is on the path to redemption. The upcoming chapter is poised to be a monumental moment in the My Hero Academia series.

Fans eagerly await the next chapter, and they can officially read My Hero Academia via Viz Media. The series is accessible for free on the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps. My Hero Academia Chapter 404 is set to release on October 22, 2023, and it promises to be a game-changing episode.