One Piece manga Chapter 1096 : When Will the Next Chapter Be Released? Confirmed Date

One Piece manga Chapter 1096 : When Will the Next Chapter Be Released? Confirmed Date

The eagerly awaited One Piece manga Chapter 1096 has an official release date and is set to unveil the most anticipated flashback in the series – the God Valley Tournament.

The recent chapter has already revealed shocking details about the God Valley incident, and upcoming chapters promise to unveil even more secrets. However, One Piece Chapter 1096 will not be published this week.

The One Piece manga is currently unraveling the truth behind the legendary God Valley incident that altered history. It marked the alliance between the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and the Marine hero, Monkey D. Garp.

Notably, the most formidable pirate on the seas, Rocks D. Xebec, met his end at God Valley. The recent chapter shed light on Kuma’s past and the events of the God Valley Tournament 38 years ago. The chapter concluded with the introduction of a new character, Ginny, who has generated a buzz on social media.

The next chapter is bound to be even more exhilarating as the series continues to unveil dark secrets surrounding the God Valley incident. Read on to discover why there’s no One Piece manga Chapter 1096 this week.

Why is One Piece manga Chapter 1096 Delayed?

One Piece manga Chapter 1096 will be released on October 29 at midnight JST. Shonen Jump will not have any breaks for the rest of the year. The delay is likely due to Eiichiro Oda’s schedule.

Eiichiro Oda is the executive supervisor of the live-action series, which has garnered massive worldwide success. Season 2 has recently been announced and is currently in production. Needless to say, Oda will also be contributing to its continuation.

After the first season premiered, Oda pledged to focus more on the manga. Prior to his frequent breaks, he usually took one every 3-4 weeks, a common practice among most mangaka. However, this time, he published two consecutive chapters before taking another break.

The first arc of the final saga has been nothing short of astounding. The story has progressed significantly in the Egghead Island arc, revealing more about the Void Century, the secret “D” name, the existence of the God Knights, and much more.

The recent manga chapter triggered the God Valley flashback, leaving no doubt that we will see more in the weeks to come. Additionally, the series will likely reveal more about the new character, whom fans speculate to be Luffy or Bonney’s mother.

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Where Can I Read One Piece 1096 for Free?

To read the latest One Piece chapter, you can use the usual Manga Plus channels, the excellent initiative by the publisher Shueisha, responsible for magazines like Weekly Shonen Jump and V Jump. Both magazines feature prominent shonen titles like Dragon Ball Super, Boruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, and more. On their website, Shueisha offers the first three chapters of all their series for free, as well as the three most recent chapters, which they update as they are released in Japan.

For One Piece, chapters 1093 (Luffy vs. Kizaru), 1094 (Five Elders, Deity of Science and Defense, St. Jaygarcia Saturn), and 1095 (Better to Die in This World) are now available for you to catch up on. They are free and available in perfect English.

One Piece Chapter 1096: Release Date and Time

One Piece manga Chapter 1096 will be released on Sunday, October 29, at 11:00 AM ET. In the rest of the United States, it will be at the following times:

  • 11:00 AM ET
  • 10:00 AM CT
  • 8:00 AM PT

One Piece manga Chapter 1096

One Piece has been on the rise for a while now, and we are currently in the Egghead Arc. The repercussions of Levely and the raid on Onigashima, as well as the erasure of the Lulusia Kingdom, are causing major changes throughout the world, potentially leading to a global war.

The Straw Hat Pirates have arrived on the mysterious Egghead Island, home to the super genius Dr. Vegapunk. The World Government decides to send a team to assassinate Vegapunk, while betrayal and intrigue on all sides lead to a Marine siege on the island.

If you’ve been following this manga, you might be curious about the release date of the next chapter. Well, wonder no more!

Here’s everything you need to know about One Piece manga Chapter 1096, including the release date, time, and where to read it.

One Piece: Chapter 1096 Release Date

One Piece manga Chapter 1096 will be released on Sunday, October 29, at 00:00 (JST) / 15:00 (GMT) / 08:00 (PT) / 11:00 (ET). Of course, the actual release time may vary depending on how quickly the chapters are uploaded. Nevertheless, expect it to be fairly close to the release time.

There’s a one-week break this week for One Piece, so we’ll undoubtedly be hoping for a spectacular chapter upon its return! You can read all other chapters on the websites mentioned above, and the ongoing anime is also available on Crunchyroll.

Expect the chapter to contain around 18 to 20 pages.

How Many Chapters Will One Piece Have?

One Piece has been going strong for quite some time, and it doesn’t appear to be nearing its conclusion yet. It currently

ranks as the 21st longest manga series in terms of volume. At this point, there’s no sign of the manga slowing down anytime soon.

What Happened in Chapter 1095?

The battle continues, and Saint Saturn effortlessly heals from the sword wound. He attempts to eliminate Luffy after capturing Bonney and neutralizing Sanji, but Franky manages to save him.

At this time, a flashback of Kuma’s past takes us 47 years back to the Sorbet Kingdom. We witness Kuma’s backstory, including how he was raised as a slave by the World Nobles and placed in a hunting tournament. It’s also where he first encounters the young Emporio Ivankov and his sister, Ginny.

What are you hoping to see as the arc progresses? What has been your favorite moment in One Piece so far? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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