Why Can't the Navy Afford to Lose Dr. Vegapunk?

Why Can’t the Navy Afford to Lose Dr. Vegapunk?

The Navy’s reliance on Dr. Vegapunk’s scientific prowess and innovations is a key factor behind their technological superiority and control over the seas. Dr. Vegapunk’s inventions have played a crucial role in maintaining the World Government’s authority. If the Navy were to lose Vegapunk’s scientific expertise and research, it would be a significant setback because there are no other scientists within their ranks who can match his genius.

The Five Elders are so desperate to secure Vegapunk’s creation, Motherflame, that they are willing to take extreme measures to protect it and obtain another version. In the world of One Piece, challenging the World Government’s authority, especially concerning the Forgotten Century, is considered unthinkable. Researching this historical period is a grave taboo, often punishable by immediate death, as exemplified by the tragic fate of the scholars of Ohara.

Loss of technological superiority

Now that Dr. Vegapunk, the world’s foremost scientist in the One Piece universe, has been linked to the same taboo, he faces a grim future. He has become the target of assassination by Cipher Pol and Admiral Kizaru, and the incident on Egghead Island has plunged into chaos, with the Straw Hat Pirates confronting an Admiral and even one of the Five Elders. The World Government’s objective of eliminating Vegapunk remains unchanged, but the question is whether they can truly afford to do so.

Dr. Vegapunk’s contributions extend beyond military might. He has been the driving force behind technological advancements that allow the Navy to exert control over the seas. This includes seemingly mundane inventions like hulled ships, enabling the Navy to navigate the Calm Belts without fear of Sea King attacks.

The threat of stagnation

Vegapunk’s ingenuity has played a pivotal role in developing advanced technologies such as live Den Den Mushi, gas suits, living Devil Fruit weapons, artificial Devil Fruits, and even island-scale climate control mechanisms. Notably, he masterminded the fusion of cloning with replicating Devil Fruit powers to create the Pacifista and the Seraphim.

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Over the course of the series, the World Government’s arsenal has seen significant enhancements due to Vegapunk’s work with the Navy’s SSG (Special Science Group). Many of these advancements were achieved under his leadership at MADS, an illicit research institution that featured brilliant minds like Vinsmoke Judge of the Germa Kingdom, Caesar Clown, and Queen, a future member of the Pirates of the Hundred Beast Crew.

The Motherflame

One particularly intriguing development on Egghead Island involved Vegapunk’s relationship with the Five Elders. The invention known as the Motherflame, in which Vegapunk played a part, was revealed to be responsible for the destruction of the Kingdom of Lulusia following the Levely. This revelation has left the Five Elders desperate to safeguard Vegapunk’s York satellite, which represents the sole means for them to obtain another version of the Motherflame.

The invention was so pivotal to the World Government’s future plans that they went to great lengths, including granting York the title of Celestial Dragon in exchange for her betrayal of Vegapunk’s main body. The Five Elders’ relentless pursuit of another Motherflame indicates just how indispensable Vegapunk’s contributions are to their objectives.