Spirit of Wonder Anime

“Spirit of Wonder Anime: What’s It All About?

Anime is the fastest-growing entertainment medium in the post-Covid era. In such times, we are compelled to discover hidden gems that still await exploration by anime enthusiasts and to cherish their stories, themes, and characters. One such underrated anime, “Spirit of Wonder” (it will literally make you wonder), falls into the steampunk genre, which many may be unaware of. In this article, we will delve into the details of the anime “What Is Spirit of Wonder” and discover what makes it a must-watch for anime fans.

What Is “Spirit of Wonder”?

“Spirit of Wonder” is a renowned animated series that has captivated viewers worldwide. Created by Kenji Tsuruta, this anime series consists of standalone short stories, each revolving around scientists developing absurd inventions. These plots involve treasure hunting, time travel, or space exploration, drawing inspiration from science fiction authors like HG Wells, Jules Verne, and Edmond Hamilton.

The title of the anime, “Spirit of Wonder,” was inspired by the Spirit of St. Louis aircraft, flown by Charles Lindbergh on the first solo non-stop transatlantic flight. This choice of title reflects the anime’s spirit of adventure and exploration.

“Spirit of Wonder: Miss China’s Ring”

The anime comprises standalone stories featuring the recurring protagonist, Miss China. The first story, “Miss China’s Ring,” is set in the late 19th century and follows a young Chinese woman named Miss China, who runs a restaurant in England. Her life takes a fascinating turn when Dr. Breckenridge, a mad scientist, invents a ring that allows people to travel to the moon. Miss China and Jim, her apprentice, set out in search of it, leading to a series of extraordinary adventures.

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“2001 OAV”

The second story published in 2001, “Scientific Boys Club,” is equally intriguing. In a world where science and magic coexist, Miss China’s Scientific Boys Club, now 50 years old, embarks on a bold project to build a ship that sails to Mars using the “ether current.” This unconventional thesis, proposed by a club member’s wife, suggests that the universe is flooded with ethereal energy.

The club members set off for Mars to attempt to prove an old theory about canals built by Martians on Mars, despite the prevailing belief that both theories are absurd. Several years later, an expedition to Mars discovers a stone bearing the inscription “Scientific Boys Club 1954.”

Why Should You Watch “Spirit of Wonder” Anime?

If you’ve had enough of conventional anime genres and are looking for something refreshing, “Spirit of Wonder” is the perfect choice. It harmoniously combines elements of science fiction, adventure, and fantasy, creating a story that keeps you guessing and engaged.

The anime also evokes a sense of nostalgia you never knew you had, with its retro animation and deep characters, “Spirit of Wonder” brings out the true essence of the Steampunk genre.

Both stories in “Spirit of Wonder” are light-hearted and whimsical, yet they convey important messages about the significance of pursuing one’s dreams and never giving up. They remind us that anything is possible if you have the courage to believe, even in the face of seemingly absurd inventions and theories.


In conclusion, “Spirit of Wonder” is a remarkable animated series that offers a unique blend of genres and inspiring messages. It is a must-watch for anyone seeking an unforgettable adventure filled with mystery, wonder, and the courage to believe in the impossible.

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