“Yoshihiro Togashi, the mastermind behind Hunter x Hunter, sparks excitement for a fresh beginning with a cryptic ‘Start Over’ tweet.

Togashi is not only celebrated for his enthralling storytelling but also infamous for the series’ sporadic hiatuses.

In 2022, Togashi rekindled his online presence, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), marking his return after a four-year hiatus to conclude the manga.

Despite grappling with severe health issues and persistent back problems for over a decade, Togashi resolved to continue the narrative. He acknowledged that even though he was back, extended periods of sitting or standing remained a challenge.

The Hunter x Hunter fanbase received a significant boost in October 2022 when Weekly Shonen Jump unveiled ten new chapters, finally ending a four-year hiatus.

However, the anticipation surrounding Chapter 400 gradually waned as Togashi and the magazine maintained radio silence regarding future updates.

Hope flickered back to life in March 2023 when Togashi tweeted the completion of Chapter 401. Yet, disappointment ensued as the manga was relegated to the archives section of Weekly Shonen Jump.

A press statement clarified that forthcoming chapters would adopt a different publication format, veering away from the previous weekly releases, leaving fans bereft of further information.

The Author Initiates a Fresh Beginning

Just as fans teetered on the brink of despair, Togashi re-emerged on Twitter, brandishing a tweet featuring a manuscript labeled ‘Start Over.’

After a seven-month hiatus from updates, fans jubilantly observed signs of Togashi’s improved health.

A noteworthy detail was Togashi’s inaugural English-language tweet, indicative of his recognition of the global audience’s existence.

Evidently, Togashi’s vitality is on the upswing, igniting anticipation. While the release schedule for Chapter 401 and beyond remains shrouded in mystery, Togashi’s resurgence is heartening.

The shift from a weekly release format to a non-weekly one may have inadvertently granted Togashi more flexibility to prioritize his well-being.

His recent tweet amassed over five million views within the first hour, reaffirming the enduring appeal of Hunter x Hunter despite its intermittent hiatuses.”